Rachel L Beker

Rachel L Beker

Rachel Rubinstein was born to Leib and Cecilia Rubinstein on May 8th 1923 in Parichi, a small town outside of Minsk, Belarus. She was the youngest of five, two brothers and three sisters. She graduated from high school in the summer of 1941, days before the German attack on the USSR. Fortunately, she was able to evacuate with the rest of her medical school class to south Russia.

After the war Rachel returned to Minsk to complete her medical school education and married Joseph Beker in 1948. Soon after, in 1949 she gave birth to her first of three daughters Rimma, followed by Bronia in 1951, and Lena in 1955.

For 42 years Rachel worked as a head Pediatrician at a children’s clinic in Minsk, making house calls late into her 60s. She lived in the same high-rise building as her oldest daughter and her family in Minsk. Every single summer Rachel hosted her daughters, grand kids, and son in laws visiting from Armenia and Serbia.  This was a time that Rachel was very fond of and she celebrated it by baking and cooking for all the family that was together on summer vacation.

In 1990 , Rachel and Joseph moved to Haifa, Israel with their middle daughter, Bronia and family. In 1997 she reunited with her oldest daughter Rimma in Houston, where she lived to an amazing age of 97!

Rachel was a fantastic doctor, but besides children she also had a passion for cooking and baking.  Her cake “Chudo” as well as her poppy seed cake and strudels were loved and enjoyed by people pretty much all over the world.

Rachel is survived by 3 daughters, 6 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren who love her dearly.

A graveside service at Beth Yeshurun Post Oak will be held in the coming Days. Rabbi Dovid Goldstein will officiate.

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