Esfir Meyerovich

Esfir Meyerovich, June 27, 1921-July 5, 2020

The Bleyzer family of Houston lost their beloved aunt, Esfir Meyerovich.

Ms. Meyerovich left this world a few days after the family celebrated her 99th birthday.

She was a remarkable lady. Born in Dnepropetrovsk, USSR in 1921, she went through all hardships of life under the Soviet regime and unbearable time during World War Two. Her family thankfully was able to evacuate from Kharkiv where they settled before the war to the East and escaped the fate of millions of victims of the Holocaust.

After the liberation of Kharkiv in 1944; Esfir, her sister Maya and their parents came back home. Esfir graduated from college and became an engineer.

The music, poetry and arts were her hobbies in addition to being a talented engineer. Esfir loved writing and reciting poetry. She put together numerous concerts, and was a wonderful Master of Ceremony. Together with her talented friends they founded a performing group called “Solnze selo”, their programs gave joy to the hundreds of listeners.  She was deeply loved by her talented friends she performed with. Many of them immigrated to Germany, but they never lost touch with each other and their connection was as strong as ever.

Esfir lived with her mother in Ukraine till her mother passed away 24 years ago. There was nothing to hold her back, so she joined her beloved sister Maya and her family in Houston. That re-union gave her incredible joy, which lasted all the way to the last day of her life.

In America, Esfir’s life was very active. She traveled extensively. She did trips to Germany (every year) where she visited with her loving friends from their famous performing group “Solnze Selo”; to New York, San Francisco, Israel and Ukraine. She was always a pleasure to talk to, be with, listen to and admire for her many great qualities including a sense of humor, being easy going and loving people. She did love one man when she was 19. That man went to fight the Nazi and was killed on the battle field. Esfir never married after, he was her first and last love.

She was truly loved by her sister and her family in Houston. God did smile at her having given her the blessing of the Bleyzer family affection. Being a part of this family; her life was full with attention, parties, visits, spending each weekend with her beloved sister of blessed memory, Maya, and many other “spoils”. Esfir’s memory was legendary. She was able to write and recite poetry all the way to the end. May the memory of Esfir Meyerovich be for a true blessing. She will indeed be deeply missed.

The funeral took place at Beth Yeshurun Post Oak Cemetery with Cantor Vadim Tunitsky officiating.

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