Buck, Lois Kieters

Dr. Lois Kieters Buck, Mother, wife, friend, psychotherapist, passed away on Wednesday, March 13, 2019. She was born April 16, 1936, to Samuel L. and Syd (Rolfe) Kieters in New York City, and died at the age of 82 years in Houston, Texas.  She spent her early life and received her education in New York City, graduating from N.Y.U. in 1957, with the Bachelor of Science degree, working as a photographer’s model during and after college. Lois worked with brain injured adults for more than 30 years for ACRMD/Lifespire as a psychologist. Lois was loved and respected by her patients and staff.  Dr. Buck vigorously maintained a variety in her life, enjoying and dabbling in art and volunteering at Houston’s Contemporary Arts Museum.

Dr. Buck moved to Houston in 1957, after visiting her mother’s family, Dorothy and Mack Martin (and their surviving daughter Pat and husband Aaron Fradkin). Lois enrolled in the University of Houston earning the M.Ed in 1966 and the EdD in 1970. She returned to NYC in 1971, where she lived and practiced until 2018.

Dr. Buck married in Houston and is survived by her two children, daughter, Risa E. Buck; and her son, David S. Buck, daughter-in-law Angela Prendes; grandchildren, Molly W. Buck and Sam H. Buck.

After retiring in NYC, Lois refused to let lack of driving skills immobilize her, frequenting public transportation, using subways and buses to get anywhere, even in a blizzard at age 81!  Lois was a strong, courageous, and bright woman who in her later years played bridge and her favorite game duplicate at the YMCA in NYC on 92nd Street. Lois was a brilliant and articulate woman who had the ability to listen attentively and communicate much with only a few words. Lois made many friends throughout her life. They will remember her creative style, colorful scarfs and hats, love for coffee, ice cream, shopping, and above all, her poise.

Lois moved to Houston last April to be closer to her son David and lived her final days at The Buckingham.

A Graveside Service will take place on Sunday, March 17th at Riverside Cemetery at 11 am in Saddle Brook, NJ.

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