Bette Rudd Liebgold

Bette Liebgold, born November 27, 1937 in Beaumont, Texas, the only child of Nellie Mae (Nation) and Thomas Rudd, led an exceptional life. A singer (she sang with a group that entertained the troops overseas), a dancer, a harpist, a mathematician, an avid bridge player (Life Master), a recipient of a National Science Foundation grant, a NASA employee, a business owner (Rudd, Inc.- computer consultants),  Bette experienced it all.  She was that rare combination of beauty, brains, and talent.

She married three times, first at 19 to her high school sweetheart Donald Stafford, who had a beautiful voice and with whom she had her only child, Donny, who passed away fifteen years ago. She met her second husband, Cliff Laurence, while working at NASA. During their ten year marriage, Bette helped Cliff earn his doctorate. Finally, Bette met Peter Liebgold appropriately at a concert, as they both were both passionate music lovers. They were married for twenty five years and enjoyed a good life together. Theater, travel, concerts, dining and get-togethers with friends and family were just a few of the many activities and interests Bette and Peter enjoyed to the fullest until Peter passed away in 2012.

Bette made a point of keeping in touch with the many people who enriched her life. Integrity was important to Bette. She had a generous heart. Her friends could count on her.  She will be missed by her stepchildren Richard, Michael, Peter, Lili & husband, Bill, her seven step grandchildren as well as her numerous dear and dedicated friends. Lili would especially like to thank Leo Waner, Allan Torregrossa  and dearest Bill Stern for their support and help.

Bette’s family is grateful to the compassionate caregivers Beatriz, Rosy, Steven, Caleb, Gayen and the numerous others at the Abbey and Fairmont Hospice.

A zoom Memorial is planned for later in the week to share our stories of Bette.  Please contact Lili with your email address.

In lieu of flowers, please send donations to Houston Public Media, PO Box 4399, Houston, TX 77210,, Houston Area Parkinson Society,, or the charity of your choice.

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  1. Shirley Hooks

    3 months ago  

    Bette and I had a lot in common and were friends for many years after being introduced by Trudy Truvette. We attended concerts, The Alley, operas, movies, and lectures together and when Bette couldn’t make it on Saturday morning (she had a beauty shop appointment) Peter and I would go hear Ann Thompson at the Forum. I liked shopping with Bette because she knew where all the good shops were with the best sales and didn’t hesitate to tell me to hang it back on the rack. She loved her cat and liked to garden and was a “helpful backseat driver”. Bette love good food and she introduced me to many fine restaurants when I first moved here from Alabama and didn’t know anything or anyone except Trudy. She had beautiful birthday lunches and I always enjoyed meeting her friends. I’ve missed her this last year but I’m thankful I had the joy of her friendship for 15 years.

  2. Mollie Ward Hill

    3 months ago  

    She was the most intelligent woman I have known. She was dazzling in her presence. Always at her best in dress and personality. She was definite in her beliefs and never afraid to stand up for the the people and causes in whom she believed. No shy Violet, she was a stand out in every crowd. She left an indelible mark on every life she touched. I will miss her immeasurably and I know all her friends and family feel the same

  3. Carol Wilson

    3 months ago  

    Bette was a beautiful lady, inside and out, and she loved bridge until she could no longer play. Heaven is enriched with her sweet soul.

    • Lillian Liebgold-Stern

      3 months ago  

      Carol & others,
      We are having a memorial tonight for Bette with a few prayers and remembrances.
      Please contact me for the details.
      Thank you all for your kind words about Bette.

  4. Jean Moritz

    3 months ago  

    She was my bridge mentor and encouraged my continuing pursuit of the game. She was always very patient and knowledgeable and became a good friend.

  5. Jean Moritz

    3 months ago  

    She was my bridge mentor and enthusiastically encouraged my continuing learning of the game. I loved playing with her and striving to improve my game.

  6. John Phillips

    3 months ago  

    Eleanor and I missed having contact with Bette and missed all the years of the good times we had with she and Peter

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