Exceptional Customer Service

Here is a wonderful example from Brian Williams. We all should listen actively, and our Patrons will tell us their needs, wants, and expectations.

There is something to be said for “owning” your work and being exceptional, regardless of who you are serving.  Some people…the special ones…are always looking for ways to show their heart through taking care of others. 

Recently, I was visiting the Shore Lodge Resort in beautiful McCall, Idaho. During my last day there, one of the spa employees, Samantha, came to the lobby and asked a manager where she could find some candy for a guest. As it turns out, once a week, the hotel hosts “dinner and a movie”, where guests can enjoy a meal, followed by a film in their state-of-the-art movie theater. 

Samantha, who happened to be in the area, overheard the guest

mention to his wife that he would really like to eat some candy while watching the movie. (The guest wasn’t even talking to Samantha. She just overheard the conversation.) She immediately sprang into action, and went looking for some candy. Eventually, one of the managers went with Samantha to speak with the guest, and offered to open the hotel’s gift shop (which was closed for the day) so the guest can pick his preferred snacks. Obviously, the guest was elated. That was the epitome of empowerment in action.

I always judge the caliber of a hotel by how the staff treats the “regular” guests. The ones who are not labeled as “VIP’s”. Do they, somehow, get a lesser version of the service that can be provided? In this case, the guest was also a new member of the resort’s private gated community, Whitetail Club. Samantha did not know that; nor did she need to know that. She would have been exceptional anyway. And that is precisely what makes Samantha one of the special ones. She is exceptional, regardless of who she is serving.

Bryan K. Williams

Founder, B.Williams Enterprise, LLC 

We exist to serve others so they may better serve the world.