12 Ways of Exceptional Service

I was thinking recently of what makes a company stand out for giving consistently exceptional service. Many say they are focused on it, but they are really not (and it’s obvious).
So I’ve compiled a list of 12 ways I can easily tell if a company or team is truly focused on providing world-class service:
  1. They have multiple ways of soliciting feedback about their product or service.
  2. They make it very easy to contact them (accessibility).
  3. They are very responsive whenever you do contact them.
  4. They make sure that EVERY employee loves to help.
  5. They make sure that the greeter  genuinely loves people (and is the happiest person on Earth…next to Mickey Mouse).
  6. If there is a problem or complaint, they own it and proactively follow up with you until they know you are satisfied.
  7. They emphasize that the fond farewell is just as potent as the warm welcome.
  8. They make sure that all staff feels empowered (because they know that customers judge the service quality by the responsiveness of the 1st person they give their issue to).
  9. They make a habit of regularly soliciting and celebrating examples of exceptional service.
  10. Any sign of apathy is immediately addressed and corrected.
  11. They look for additional ways to be of service (after they’ve already complied with the customer’s request).
  12. They have a habit of freely offering advice and/or resources to help maximize the usage of the service or product.

Basically, culture is not what you say it is…culture is what happens consistently…everyday.

To continued success!

Bryan K. Williams, DM